Monday, 31 March 2008

Small stages and big pedalboards

Against all the odds, Saturday's gig went well. Despite being repeatedly shuffled around the bill, having to fit 20-odd pedals, a synth, and an ironing board onto a tiny stage, and having our set cut short, the reception was good. Thank you to the new faces who came down, we hope to see you again.

Happiness now abounds in the Towers household, as we have confirmed that we will be spending the end of April holed up on an island in the Thames (apparently they do exist) recording an EP. 3 tracks - a shiny new distance is run, and two songs that have everything but names.
In the absence of corporate backing we will be releasing the ep ourselves, maybe using the internet, maybe for free, we don't know. We'll keep you informed.

Only one gig confirmed for April so far, but it will be a good one - the Bull and Gate in Camden on the 20th. Hopefully we will be debuting a new song, although that has been promised before...

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Studio. .

Towers are thinking of entering the studio.

After a few months of gigging, we feel it would be time that we commited to something...

If we can collectively pull five seperate fingers out of five corresponding arseholes we could have something done by the end of April. but by no means take that as word. who knows what could happen between now and then.. tidal waves could wipe out the population of SW18, Lost withdrawral symptoms may take control or compensation settlements may finally arrive in the post.

all of these things have the potential to both drive to a collective state of frenzied creative inspiration, and reduce us to a state of fragile hermitage wherein we would only leave the house for yoghurt covered digetsives. thus is the dichotomic nature of towersopenfire.

only time will tell . .